Aurora Exterior Painting

292 Main St Suite K
Northborough MA 01532 United States

August 14, 2015
Aurora Exterior Painting is a company that aims to provide the very highest quality exterior home painting services in Massachusetts. The company has a strong record with clients because they have sought to maintain a high standard of work on the homes of the clients who entrust the projects to them.

Aurora Exterior Painting was established in 2004 and has grown by leaps and bounds since that time.
Aurora Exterior Painting was established by business partners Alexi Bobolia and Marc Ferlo. Combined, the two brought more than thirty-two years of experience in home painting to Aurora Exterior Painting. This was integral to their early success and they have only added to that experience as the company has expanded. They have provided numerous homeowners with beautiful exterior painting at a very reasonable price.

If someone is looking for Massachusetts house painting, then there is likely no better option than Aurora Exterior Painting. They employ teams of Massachusetts professional painters who can provide services to people with homes in Massachusetts communities like Littleton, Worcester, Acton, Holden, and many others. They are more than just an exterior home painting company, though, Aurora Exterior Painting also offers preparatory services, pressure washing, and even minor carpentry.
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